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Florida Senate Advances 'Dangerous' Bill Critics Warn Criminalizes Peaceful Protest - Common Dreams, 4/9/21

'Shameful': Florida House passes GOP's anti-protest bill - Common Dreams, 3/29/21

Voting rights advocates decry Republican-sponsored ‘voter suppression’ - Florida Politics, 3/22/21

Florida House takes up controversial bill that would criminalize protest - WMNF, 3/22/21

Gov. DeSantis has found a new culture-war enemy: ‘critical race theory’ - Florida Phoenix, 3/17/21

Bill to crack down on violent protests marches forward in Florida House - Tallahassee Democrat, 3/10/21

'Anti-Riot' Bill May Be Dead on Arrival in FL Senate, Advances in House - Public News Service, 3/5/21

DeSantis’ ‘anti-riot’ bill advances in the Florida House, but it may be dead on arrival in the Senate - Orlando Weekly, 3/5/21

GOP Bill That 'Does Nothing But Criminalize Peaceful Protest' Advances in Florida Legislature - Common Dreams, 3/4/21

Florida 'anti-riot' bill, backed by Gov. DeSantis, moves closer to passage in House - Tallahassee Democrat, 3/3/21

Racial Justice Advocates Say GOP Is Trying to ‘Shut Folks’ Mouths’ with Bill to Punish Protesters More Harshly - Atlanta Black Star, 2/26/21

Could anything be worse than Florida’s Stand Your Ground? Yes, a new, racist legislative proposal - Miami Herald, 2/10/21

States revive push to crack down on protests after Capitol riot - NBC News, 1/31/21

Do We Need an Anti-Mob Bill? - Sarasota Magazine, 1/19/21

We can create a Florida that is more just, more equal, and more free - Florida Phoenix, 1/18/21

Republicans Are Using Capitol Breach as Excuse to Promote Anti-Protest Bills - Truthout, 1/16/21

ACLU condemns FL ‘anti-mob’ legislation as cruel, timely stunt to advance governor’s agenda - Florida Phoenix, 1/8/21



​​​​Winner and Loser of the Week in Florida politics - Florida Politics, 12/13/20

Public interest groups take aim at Pasco sheriff’s data-driven policing programs - Tampa Bay Times, 12/5/20

Amendment 4 strips Floridians of our own power - Florida Politics, 10/22/20

‘A culture of Black reticence and Black hypersensitivity’: Race and police reforms take center stage in election - Florida Phoenix, 10/20/20

Three proposed amendments on Nov. 3 ballot ‘endanger Floridians’ civil liberties’ - Florida Phoenix, 10/19/20

Legal Dispute Leaves Florida Supreme Court Without Black Justice For First Time In Nearly Four Decades - WUFT, 10/15/20

Most Florida felons kept from registering to vote by fines, fees or fears, activists say - Washington Post, 10/5/20


Vote “No” on Amendment 1, 3 and 4, Florida ACLU says - Florida Politics, 10/1/20

DeSantis' protest bill questioned by Tampa Bay’s top cops, not just ‘far left’ - Tampa Bay Times, 9/23/20

Florida Gov. Wants To Criminalize Protesters & Protect Drivers Who Hit People - Now This News, 9/22/20

Florida’s Republican Governor Unveils a Shocking Plan to Criminalize Protests - Mother Jones, 9/22/20

DeSantis Seeks Increased Penalties For Violent Protesters And Defunding Police Departments - WUSF, 9/21/20

DeSantis quietly signs abortion parental consent bill; opponents expect to challenge the law in court - Florida Phoenix, 6/30/20


Progressive Candidate Wins Orlando’s Primary for Prosecutor, and Four Other Florida Takeaways - The Appeal, 8/19/20

Orlando Prosecutor Race Plays Out In The Shadow Of Florida’s Retaliation Against Reform - The Appeal, 8/7/20

One great voting rights victory in a long, long battle - Florida Politics, 6/10/20

Why do Tampa Bay's police keep clashing with protesters? - Tampa Bay Times, 6/5/20

ACLU demands ‘transparency’ from FL governor and head of state prisons, where inmate deaths are rising

- Florida Phoenix, 6/4/20

ACLU wants Broward voters to focus on 2020 contests for sheriff, state attorney, elections supervisor - South Florida Sun Sentinel, 5/7/20

Reducing prison population would save lives in pandemic - Orlando Sentinel, 4/29/20

Our View: Follow the will of voters - Gainesville Sun, 4/27/20

ACLU calls on FL to tackle racial inequalities during pandemic and denounce attacks on Asian Americans - Florida Phoenix, 4/21/20

ACLU: DeSantis backs law allowing only super wealthy, special interest groups “to have a say in our direct democracy” - Florida Phoenix, 4/10/20

As COVID-19 threatens Florida prisons, reform coalition wants more inmates released - Florida Politics, 4/8/20

Civil liberty concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic - Florida Politics, 3/25/20

Takeaways from Tallahassee - Florida Politics, 3/21/20

Coronavirus has led cities to halt evictions in an effort to protect public health - Mic, 3/15/20

Florida courts struggle to collect fines owed by felons - WTSP, 2/10/20

In Advisory Opinion, Florida Supreme Court Says State Can Require Ex-Felons To Pay Fines Before Having Their Voting Rights Restored - Reason, 1/21/20



​​​Homestead: Close the detention prison for good — it’s a human rights catastrophe and a moral abomination - Florida Phoenix, 10/4/19

Florida’s ‘arbitrary’ election laws keep thousands from voting, experts argue - Orlando Sentinel, 11/6/19

Ron DeSantis keeps flip-flopping on a crucial voting rights issue - Florida Phoenix, 11/25/19

DeSantis says he supports voting rights, but does everything in his power to oppose it - MIami Herald, 11/28/19

Louisiana restored voting rights for ex-prisoners.  Now its under attack. - Vox, 11/15/19

Judge Rules Florida Cannot Base Felon Voting Rights on Ability to Pay - Courthouse News Service, 10/18/19

Combating hate in Sarasota - Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 10/17/19

Lawmakers who gutted Amendment 4 now argue it's the fault of Florida voters - Orlando Sun Sentinel, 9/26/19

ACLU Florida Vows to Focus Efforts on Three Causes - WUSF, 8/5/19

ACLU Says 2019 Marked Florida's 'Worst Legislative Session in 10 Years' - WLRN, 8/9/19

ACLU: Felons' voting rights law undermines Amendment 4 - WJXT, 8/8/19

Study: New law drastically undercuts felon voting rights restoration - Palm Beach Post, 8/16/19

Florida voting rights hearing: ‘It always takes a fight just to vote in this state’ - Sun-Sentinel, 7/23/19

Floridians’ civil rights, civil liberties would be better off if Session ended earlier - Florida Politics, 5/18/19

Florida ACLU Says 2019 Was the State's "Worst Legislative Session in a Decade" - Miami New Times, 5/7/19

Ex-felon bill, with financial constraints, awaits DeSantis signature — or veto - Palm Beach Post, 5/6/19

Florida House Approves Bill That Limits Voting Rights For People Convicted Of Felonies - NPR, 5/6/19


After the 2018 Blue Wave, Republicans Are Making It Harder to Vote - Mother Jones, 5/3/19

ACLU: So-called ‘sanctuary cities’ ban leads to infringement of citizens’ rights - Florida Politics, 4/13/19

Florida ACLU Poised To Take On Immigration, Other Issues Under New Leadership - WUSF, 3/2/19

Florida's modest First Step Act should consider racial impact - Tampa Bay Times, 2/28/19


Five Questions for ACLU Florida's Micah Kubic - Florida News Service, 1/22/19


Is your police department preposterously militarized? - Pitch, 11/28/18

ACLU of Florida announces new executive director - Florida Phoenix, 11/13/18

ACLU lawsuit over Dodge City polling places was never about buses - Kansas City Star, 11/9/18

Kris Kobach's political potential still strong after loss - Wichita Eagle, 11/6/18

ACLU Running Ads For First Time In Kansas Governor's Race - KCUR, 11/2/18

Judge: Dodge City poll site would bring more voter confusion - Associated Press, 11/1/18

'Trump before Trump': Is Kris Kobach a model for what may come in American politics? - ABC News, 10/30/18

Bush WH Official Who Wanted to Gerrymander ‘Crazy Libs’ Hired by County Accused of Suppressing Hispanic Vote - Law and Crime, 10/28/18

Latino-majority town in Kansas moves its lone polling site outside city limits, triggering ACLU suit - Associated Press, 10/27/18

In Kansas’ Dodge City, immigrants are being forced to travel out of town to vote - Think Progress, 10/20/18

Majority-Hispanic Dodge City Has ONE Polling Place — And Now It’s Harder To Access - Associated Press, 10/19/19

Kobach legacy on voter ID laws at issue in other Kansas race - Associated Press, 10/8/18

ACLU urging Wyandotte County to adopt municipal ID program - KSHB, 8/20/18

Dem. Gov.-candidate Laura Kelly under scrutiny for backing voter ID - Associated Press, 8/7/18

ACLU will stand against Kobach's attacks on our rights - Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/23/18

Security Concerns Stall Kris Kobach’s Controversial Voter Tracking Program in Kansas - KCUR, 6/20/18

Kris Kobach just got schooled. Have Kansas voters had enough of his stunts yet? - Kansas City Star, 6/19/18

Judge sides with ACLU in voter registration fight, orders Kobach to go to school - Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/18/18

ACLU Says Kobach Owes $52K In Legal Costs For Contempt In Kansas Voting Case - High Plains Public Radio, 5/9/18

Kansas House endorses prohibition on paying for Kris Kobach contempt filing - Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/28/18

Activist: ‘Hateful bill’ could impact Kansas economy - Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/26/18

Kobach falsely blames Kansas counties for his contempt finding - Hays Daily News, 4/23/18

Federal judge finds Kris Kobach in contempt of court in voting rights case - Kansas City Star, 4/18/18

'Talk is cheap': Kris Kobach found in contempt of court - Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/18/18

Topeka police utilize license plate readers - Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/15/18

Reaction or Riot? Kansas City, Fifty Years After The Slaying Of Martin Luther King Jr. - KCUR, 4/9/18

Engineer sues group that allegedly mistook Malaysian flag for ISIS - NBC News, 3/20/18

ACLU files suit on behalf of Wichita man falsely accused of holding terrorist gathering - KCUR, 3/19/18

This bill limited college anti-harassment policies.  Kansas senators just killed it - Wichita Eagle, 3/15/18

Kansas ACLU director speaks on importance of individual voting rights - Kansas State Collegian, 3/7/18

Adoption bills would let agencies refuse LGBT couples based on religious beliefs - Wichita Eagle, 2/18/18

Judge pauses Kansas law forcing contractors to stay out of Israel boycotts - Topeka Capital-Journal, 1/30/18

No more secret votes, ‘gut-and-go’ maneuvers in Kansas Legislature, Democrats propose - Kansas City Star, 1/23/18

Trump Renominates Anti-LGBT Pol for Religious Freedom Ambassador - Advocate, 1/8/18


Kansas' see-no-evil approach to racial profiling isn't working - Kansas City Star, 12/18/17

Filing a complaint over police racial profiling in Kansas? Don’t expect much - Kansas City Star, 12/17/17

ACLU slams state’s ‘low’ felony diversion rates, including in Douglas County - Lawrence Journal-World, 12/10/17

Diversion Programs Are Cheaper and More Effective Than Incarceration. Prosecutors Should Embrace Them. - Speak Freely, 12/6/17

Sunflower Showdown: The ACLU's Micah Kubic is the anti-Kobach - Pitch, 11/20/17

Unsealed documents reveal a Trump adviser’s secret plans to undermine voting rights - ThinkProgress, 10/5/17

Unsealed documents show Kobach urged Trump to change federal voting law - Kansas City Star, 10/5/17

ACLU kicks off nationwide voting effort on Kris Kobach’s home turf - Kansas City Star, 10/1/17


Kansas drops plan to sue after Trump moves to end DACA - Kansas City Star, 9/5/17

Kansas can lead the way on criminal justice - Topeka Capital-Journal, 9/2/17

Kansas SOS Kobach urges deportation of ‘gang bangers’ shielded by DACA - Topeka Capital-Journal, 9/1/17

Sam Brownback Is an Appalling Choice for Religious Freedom Ambassador - Advocate, 8/3/17

The Limits of Lying and Cheating - The American Prospect, 6/29/17

With support skyrocketing, ACLU to open Wichita branch - Wichita Eagle, 6/6/17

Kansas Senate passes bill blocking contracts with Israel boycotters - Wichita Eagle, 6/3/17

KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach helps lead commission on election integrity - KSHB 41, 5/11/17

The ‘farcical’ stats Republicans use to claim millions voted illegally - ThinkProgress, 4/7/17

Immigration isn't an issue for local law enforcement - Topeka Capital-Journal, 3/29/17

Two weeks after Olathe shooting, lawmakers lukewarm on harsher hate crime penalties - Topeka Capital-Journal, 3/8/17

Low-level offenses get high-wattage treatment on Wyandotte County DA's social media - Pitch, 3/6/17

Kansas leading the nation in civil rights battles - Salina Journal, 3/4/17

The Kansas Model for Voter-Fraud Bluffing - Bloomberg, 1/31/17

Calif. bans state travel to Kansas over LGBT discrimination concerns - Wichita Eagle, 1/25/17

Civil liberties advocates, law enforcement clash over asset forfeiture bill - Lawrence Journal-World, 1/24/17


Should Teachers Be Able to Wear Safety Pins as a Message of Solidarity in Class? - Education Week, 11/23/16

Shawnee Mission schools: Safety pin limit imposed after Confederate flag incident - Kansas City Star, 11/22/16

Kris Kobach brings plan for homeland security into meeting with Donald Trump - Kansas City Star, 11/21/16

Kris Kobach isn’t the next U.S. attorney general, but let’s not celebrate just yet - Pitch, 11/18/16

Meet the anti-immigrant zealot who told Donald Trump how to pay for that stupid wall - Salon, 10/27/16

Kansans Got Wrong Information At DMV Up Until Voter Registration Deadline - KCUR, 10/21/16

Kansas’ laws on seizing money and property too vague, audit says - Wichita Eagle, 8/27/16

Kansas weighs proposal to prevent transgender people from changing birth certificates - Wichita Eagle, 5/22/16

Gov. Sam Brownback withdraws Kansas from federal refugee resettlement program - Kansas City Star, 4/26/16

Kris Kobach defends prosecution of voter fraud cases in Kansas - Kansas City Star, 4/12/16

Kansas House committee approves controversial refugee resettlement bill - Kansas City Star, 3/3/16

Kansas communities could ban refugees for a year under a bill approved by a Kansas House committee - Associated Press, 3/3/16


Civil rights groups urge Kansas criminal justice reform measures - Lawrence Journal World, 2/29/16


Kansas coalition pushing for criminal justice reform - Topeka Capital Journal, 2/29/16


ACLU of Kansas challenges voter registration rule - KMUW, 2/18/16


Kansas lawmakers hear testimony about protecting religious freedom, restricting refugees - Wichita Eagle, 2/17/16


Thwarted by the courts, Kris Kobach finds yet another way to restrict voting - Talking Points Memo, 2/12/16


What you need to know about the new proof of citizenship requirement - KSNT, 2/5/16


US official requires citizenship proof in 3 states - Associated Press, 2/4/16


Federal agency makes voter registration harder - KMBC, 2/4/16


Allow voters to register on Election Day - Wichita Eagle, 1/25/16


Kansas Highway Patrol gauging climate on new trooper tattoos with public survey - WDAF-TV, 1/8/16


Kansas black leaders discuss legislative agenda at first meeting - KSN-TV, 11/22/15


Brownback blasts Obamas' policy on Syrian refugees - Lawrence Journal World, 11/18/15


Brownback re-ups opposition to Syrian refugees after White House phone call - Wichita Eagle, 11/17/15


Kansas ACLU leader blasts Brownback order against refugees - Hutchinson News, 11/17/15


Brownback: "Prudent" to keep Syrians out - Topeka Capital Journal, 11/17/15


Committee shuns body camera mandate - Topeka Capital Journal, 11/4/15


ACLU fires off letter to Sedgwick County Commissioners - KSN, 11/3/15


Kansas ranks high among infant mortality in some demographics - Wichita Eagle, 10/5/15

Kris Kobach, his views spark intense reactions – from supporters, opponents - Kansas City Star, 9/28/15

Proposal would create ‘receiving center’ treatment option for mental health patients - Kansas Health Institute, 9/17/15 


Proposed voting regulation changes to draw opponents - Lawrence Journal World, 9/1/15


Judge shuts down Kris Kobach's attempt to disenfranchise voters in Kansas elections - ThinkProgress, 8/27/15


Topeka judge: Kris Kobach exceeded election authority - Wichita Eagle, 8/26/15


Federal judge tosses gay marriage ban - KCUR, 8/11/15


Governor Brownback defends call for Planned Parenthood investigation - KMUW, 7/25/15


Kansas State Board of Healing Arts says it will inspect Planned Parenthood; ACLU blasts "pure harassment" - Topeka Capital Journal,  7/23/15


Missouri could face legal challenge for shortfalls in public defender system - Kansas City Star, 7/19/15


Kansas gov. saves clergy from gay marriage woe - Courthouse News Service, 7/8/15


Kansas governor issues executive order in response to Supreme Court ruling - BJCOnline, 7/8/15


Gov. Sam Brownback: Kansas can't penalize religious groups opposed to marriage equality - The Advocate, 7/7/15


Kansas will protect religious groups from same-sex marriage - Metro Weekly, 7/8/15


Executive discrimination - Hays Daily News, 7/8/15


ACLU chief insists that Gov. Sam Brownback's executive order is meaningless - Kansas City Star, 7/8/15


Kansas guv signs religious freedom executive order - Washington Blade, 7/7/15


Kansas governor's order shields clergy on same-sex marriage - AP, 7/7/15


Gov. Sam Brownback issues order on religious liberty in wake of gay marriage decision as state agencies change stance - Topeka Capital Journal, 7/7/15


Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri and Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas issue different orders on same-sex marriage - Kansas City Star, 7/7/15


Kobach: No plans to change dual voter registration system -  AP, 6/29/15


Progressives rally at Kansas Capitol on final day of legislative session - Wichita Eagle, 6/26/15


'FREEDOM': Hundreds of LGBT rights supporters celebrate at Kansas Statehouse - Garden City Telegram, 6/26/15


Kansans react to same-sex marriage ruling - Lawrence Journal World, 6/26/15


ACLU of Kansas comes to defense of Kansas City, Kansas representative - KSHB 41, 6/25/15


New ACLU director visits Hays - Hays Daily News, 6/20/15


For the good of the state - Salina Journal, 5/27/15


Kansas ACLU opposes giving Kobach prosecutorial power - KSN-TV, 5/21/15


Kansas ponders new protections for campus religious groups - Lawrence Journal World, 4/12/15


Gay-Exclusion Law Advances in Kansas - Courthouse News Service, 4/3/15


House takes up campus religious discrimination bill - Topeka Capital Journal, 3/30/15


American Civil Liberties Union criticizes Kansas bill on religious student groups - AP, 3/31/15


ACLU opposing Kansas bill to protect campus religious groups - Salina Post, 3/30/15


Kansas House panel debates measure on campus religious protections - Wichita Eagle, 3/30/15


Kansas bill would require schools to fund, recognize religious student groups that may discriminate - KSHB 41, 3/30/15


ACLU criticizes Kansas bill on religious student groups - AP, 3/30/15


Kansas House panel to hear "religious freeedom" bill for campus groups - Lawrence Journal World, 3/29/15


Kansas legislative agenda heavy with transparency bills - Wichita Eagle, 3/14/15


Senate spikes "all-comers" policy for college religious groups - Topeka Capital Journal, 3/9/15


Controversial schools bill moves forward in Kansas - MSNBC, 2/26/15


Here's why sex ed teachers could go to jail in Kansas - MTV News, 2/26/15


Kansas bill could send teachers to jail for six months for teaching "harmful" materials - ThinkProgress, 2/25/15


Sex ed is hot topic in Kansas  - Courthouse News Service, 2/23/15


Kansas lawmaker wants to pay more to churchgoing, home-schooling foster parents - Courthouse News Service, 2/13/15


Kansas lawmaker wants to jail teachers of "harmful material" - Courthouse News Service, 2/9/15


Kansas bill would ban teachers from distributing offensive material - KMBC 9, 2/5/15


Kansas bill would criminalize teachers for providing certain material to students - KSHB 41, 2/5/15


Senate bill strikes teacher protection from prosecution - Topeka Capital Journal, 2/5/15


Body camera proposal stirring some controversy - Hays Daily News, 2/2/15


Kansas bill would impose fine, help deter voter fraud - Salina Post, 1/31/15


Kobach seeks authority to prosecute election crimes - Topeka Capital Journal, 1/30/15


Revenge porn would be banned under legislation introduced in Kansas  - Kansas City Star, 1/21/15


ACLU chapters in Missouri and Kansas find new energy to deal with controversies - Kansas City Star, 12/13/14


Universal suffrage will benefit Hong Kong and mainland China - Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, 10/3/14


Questioning the end of racism - Kansas City Star, 6/30/14


LISC Investment Reaps Beautiful Rewards - Greater Kansas City LISC, 9/25/13


U.S. Justice Department Awards KC NoVA Three-Year $1 Million Grant - 9/17/13


 "What Makes a Neighborhood Sustainable?" - 9/12/13


CID gives Northeast reason to celebrate - Northeast News, 6/11/13


LISC awards grants to Historic Northeast - Northeast News, 6/4/13


LISC boosts urban housing efforts - Kansas City Business Journal, 5/17/13


New LISC grants address critical urban core needs - Kansas City Star, 5/15/13


Independence Ave. CID: Harbinger of a brighter future - Northeast News, 3/27/13


$160k grant given to help Kansas City's battle against violence - KSHB Channel 41, 1/31/13


LISC fights crime through KC NoVA funding - Greater Kansas City LISC, 1/31/13


LISC awards $64,000 to Northeast organization - Northeast News, 1/30/13


In One City, Signing Up for Internet Becomes Civic Cause - New York Times, 9/9/12


Northeast residents list top five goals for area - Northeast News, 7/11/12


LISC to host final Quality of Life Plannin Session in Northeast - Northeast News, 6/18/12


Mattie Rhodes Center hosts youth summit on June 9th - Kansas City Star, 6/9/12


Criminal Justice Department receives $30,000 through newly-created KC No Violence Alliance - University News, 6/6/12


LISC awards NE Chamber $40,000 grant for pilot CID - Northeast News, 6/6/12


LISC hosts Quality of Life Planning Session in Northeast Kansas City - Greater Kansas City LISC, 6/5/12


Kubic, Perucca are ready to listen, expedite the Paseo Gateway project - Northeast News, 1/4/12

Selected Older News

Old Style, new style, meanwhile... "Vote for me" message comes in all sorts of forms for KC's mayoral race - Kansas City Star, 2/22/07


CCAS students grab prestigious scholarships - By George!, 4/20/04


GWU political science student awarded prestigious Truman Scholarship - GW News Center, 4/6/04


A Tribute to Brett Kauble, Michael Kruse, and Micah Kubic - Congressional Record, 6/25/01


Getting things done is his way of life - Kansas City Star, 6/13/01


Two students receive citizenship award from state - Kansas City Star, 4/11/01


Next stop: Washington - Kansas City Star, 7/5/00

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